Can I customise my Market Box

Unfortunately, we cannot customise at the moment. Our aim is to deliver the freshest in seasonal produce for a great price. This relies on our staff and suppliers being able to pick & pack your Market Box in a highly efficient manner. Customising orders creates a lot more work for the production staff as well as our administration so for now we are only offering the set boxes. However, we believe that my change in the near future with the launch of the MKTBOX App.

How much is in each box?

Compared to our colleagues our boxes are sized as a Large to XL box. The produce in each box should easily satisfy the 2 adults + 2-3 kids size family for the best part of the week. Of course depending on how much your household consumes you may need a small top up from your local grocer.

Is this too much for a single person?

We encourage singles to ‘buddy-up’ with a pal and split the box between 2 or 3. Unless you are doing a lot of juicing there is a lot to get through. Great news is that you can get all the market fresh produce you need for the week for under $35!

Will I get to know whats in the box?

Yes! We aim to publish the planned contents of your Market Box of the Friday or Saturday prior to the new week commencing. This is always subject to small variations however we are always confident of the availability of the produce we have secured for purchase.

How much human contact is involved with my Market Box?

There is minimal contact with your produce- especially compared to the large retail chains where several people in their process may handle individual pieces. Our suppliers packing environment is managed to strict HACCP Food Safety Systems standards, so your Market Box is packed in a dedicated & clean processing environment and always transported in refrigerated storage.

Is Market Box Australian owned?

Yes we are! 100% Australian owned and operated. And even better than that we are 100% Brisbane owned. We pride ourselves on providing great employment opportunities not only in the operations side of our business, but also use local vendors for accounting, legal, website and software development, as well as marketing & advertising. We want to use our

Is there an App for Market Box?

It is coming very soon! We are backed by a reputable technology firm who has a number of business units including an App Development Agency- The App Team. We will be releasing an app for you to be able to create your orders, manage your accounts and payments, and track your deliveries as you would on a ride-sharing app. So, stay tuned as there are exciting times to follow!